Sunday, January 2, 2011

Apple Crumble

I love moments of serendipity when one makes a little surprising discovery. And Chinatown is one of the last places where I would expect to find a wonderful little kiosk that bakes muffins and apple crumble amongst the stalls selling cookie cutter tourist souvenirs. It is run by a lady named Serene and her little bakery is aptly named Serenditpity.

Though I am not a fan of apple in pies, I love the combination of the crumble and the apple. The apple is made just right, not too sweet nor sour and the buttery crumble just melts in your mouth. The muffins taste great too especially the chocolate ones but I absolutely love the apple crumble which they bake only during weekends.

Serendipity Patisserie
Kiosk no 6 Trengganu Street (near Sago Street)

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