Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ayam Masak Merah ( Spicy Red Chicken )

Chicken meat takes on flavours of strong spices and condiments best. Beef and mutton on the other hand have strong flavours of their own and light seasoning is all that is needed. Here's a chicken receipe that is spicy and sourish and awakens the taste buds. One chicken cut into pieces A handful of dry chillies (12-15 ) 2 big onions 2 bulbs of garlic Add salt to the chicken (mix it well) and lightly fry the pieces till golden. The chicken pieces do not have to be throughly cooked at this stage. Remove from oil. Meanwhile, soak the dry chillies in hot water and remove the seeds if you like it less spicy. Blend it with the onions and garlic, adding a little water to make the process easier. Fry the blended chilly paste till you get a nice aroma. Then mix this fried chilli paste with the chicken pieces and fry altogether. Add two tablespoons of good quality tomato ketchup as well as sugar and salt to taste.

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