Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vintage Rocking Horse

I have always loved looking at images of antique rocking horses but never would I imagine buying or even finding one in Singapore. Moreover, my place was getting quite crammed with flea market finds. It is one thing to buy an old pot or ornament but a rocking horse...oh what the heck ! It was the first Sunday of 2011 and the owner who has been collecting vintage over the years probably decided to do some spring cleaning of his own. He brought along some of his collection to a friend's shop including a beautiful orange typewriter, an antique calculating machine (before the invention of the small and compact calculator) and this rocking horse. And like a hound dog unleased on a hunting trip, I could smell this horse a mile off. Getting him home in a nonchalent, discreet manner was the next part of my scheme. Though my long suffering husband has been most patient with me so far, I was quite sure he would say something about it and the space it would take up. I would if we had reversed our roles. But before he could even open his mouth (which I could tell he was on the verge of), I changed the subject and told him about this wonderful confectionary that I had bought for him.
Meet Pal, my new friend sitting in the corner.

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