Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pop up food festival, London

It was a wonderful moment of serendipity on the 5th May when I happened to walk along the South Bank of the River Thames towards Hungerford Bridge. A quaint little pop up food festival sprang up just like a rare moment of sunshine in London. Love the little food vans and airstream trailers that were cooking up a movable feast that day. What had me invigorated was the smell of paella in the pan as I couldn't resist rice with the combination of spices such as saffron, paprika and rosemary. The burnt rice at the base added to the fragrance. Amazing food, weather and a nice chill out vibe. Glad I came by this route on my way back to the hotel.

A food carnival near the London Eye

Paella Valenciana that is worth the wait  

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