Friday, May 21, 2010

The Alphabet of the Human Heart

P is for Passion. Passion has the power to transform your life - to reveal your purpose, your reason for being your life's work. To find out what your passion is, ask yourself, " What would I do if money was no object ?" Paint ? Write ? Teach ? Dance ? The trick is to think big, then begin by taking small, steady steps towards your dream. Mark Twain said that "the secret of success is making your vocation your vacation."

J is for JOY
Happiness is found deep within.
It comes from our soul - not from external things.
So look inside and feel the joy.
Soon those around you will feel it too.

I is for Imagination.
Think really deeply about something.
Then don't think about it at all.
See what pops up.
Then, once you've had an idea, make it real.
A cake isn't a cake until it's cooked.
Imagine what's possible. Make it happen.

I bought a book sometime back in Sydney called The Alphabet of the Human Heart which is like a handbook for the happy and a bible for the broken hearted. One side of the book shows the A to Z of our weaknesses, fears and lows and to turn our lives around, all we need to do literally is to turn the book the other way round for the A to Z of our hopes, strengths and our highs. The simplicity of the words and beauty of the illustrations impressed me so much that I bought 2 copies, one for each of my daughters. This book is a collaborative effort between 2 Australians, James Kerr and Matthew Johnstone.

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