Friday, May 21, 2010

Vintage brooches

I 've always liked lovely vintage pieces to accessorise my clothes. Though a recent revival has made new designs old again, it is never quite the same as with the old pieces in terms of workmanship and authenticity. Some designers on etsy have even reworked some old vintage pieces such as flower brooches into newer, wearable designs such as bracelets. A mix of modern and traditional - how creative ! I have quite a number of pieces in my collection from my aunt's and mum's hand me downs to flea market finds. My favourites - brooches of little animals as well as art noveau pins and cameos. One brooch that is quite different and less ornate is my Ring a Ring a Roses brooch which has a circle of kids holding hands. It stood out from the rest when I first saw it at a flea market as it looked like a UN souvenir pin. How I long to go flea-marketing again !

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