Sunday, March 30, 2014

Estado Puro

After a visit to the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum, lunch at Estado Puro was just around the corner at the street level of the NH Paso de Prado Hotel. This place caught my eye with its walls and ceiling covered with the peineta, a large and high comb used to hold up a mantilla, a veil worn by Spanish women on special occasions.

My friends and I ordered the mini burgers, meat balls, a foie gras and a tortilla with a difference. The tortilla was a glass of potato foam with caramelised onion at the bottom. Forgot to take some of the pictures before savoring each dish. Estado Puro is more of a modern take of a tapas place, with very small bite sized portions. Not a hearty big meal place but lovely as an experience of modern gastronomy.  

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