Sunday, March 30, 2014

Snapshots of Spain

Had a lovely time in Spain, land of the jamon, bullfights,orange trees, Sangria and more. Even the street acts are a class of their own.
My travelling companions

Oranges trees are everywhere in Seville and Cordoba 

Beautiful tiles adorn the steps and walls of Spanish homes 

The Spanish are big on their jamon 

A really cheesy shot of me pretending to slice the jamon ! 

Being a Taurus, I hate bull fights ! 

A  popular Spanish shortbread with Moorish origins

A dining place in Cordoba beckons with beautiful decor 

Strawberries are cheap in Spain, around 3.50 - 4.50 Euros per kg
A busker with a never ending supply of coffee 

Slam dunk ! Buskers in Madrid pull out all the stops ! 

Local Spanish bands performing in the Square seen through a circle

FC Barcelona, Real Madrid - choose your fan club !  

Candies on display in a Madrid candy shop

A supply of Easter Sunday goodies in Madrid
Bacalao - salted cod that is popular with the Spanish 

An array of olives in a Spanish market 

Churros and chocolate are popular for breakfast and tea in Spain 

A selection of fine Spanish cheese  

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