Sunday, March 30, 2014

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza

Together with the Prado and Reina Sofa, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum form part of Madrid 's Golden Triangle of Art and the story behind its collection is as colourful as the art on display. The paintings held in the museum are the legacy of Baron Thyseen-Bornemisza, a German Hungarian magnate whose private collection of paintings is second only to the British Royal Familly. Madrid managed to acquire this collection when the baron married Carmen Tita Cervera, a former Miss Spain. Out of the 3 museums, Prado is awesome with a wide collection of the masters while the Museo Thyseen-Bornemisza is refreshing with its wide range of artistic styles. Besides works from the masters such as Picasso, Dali, Kandinsky and more, there are some very quirky and original ones from 20th century artists based in Paris and New York. Some of the ones that caught my eye were those featuring very colourful and spirited ladies which come mainly under the Carmen Thyssen Bornemisza Collection. 

Harlequin with a Mirror by Pablo Picasso 1923

Composition in colours I by Mondrian
Les Vessenots by Vincent Van Gough 1890 

Bull fight by Pablo Picasso 1934 

Thank you by Richard Lindner , 1971

Moon over Alabama by Richard Lindner, 1963

The Naughty Drummer by Nicolaes Maes 1655 (Paris)

Portrait of George Washington's Cook by Gilbert Stuart, 1795

Fishing by Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova 1909 Paris 

The Fish Market in Marseile by Raoul Dufy 1904

Portrait of Maria Rose Walburga von Soya by Georges de Marees 1750

Portrait of Giovanna by Natalia Domenico Ghirlandaio 1488

Seated Woman by Juan Gris 1917

Woman with cigarette by Kees van Dongen 1922

Franzi in front of a Carved Chair by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner 1910 

Hotel Room by Edward Hopper 1931

Quappi in Pink Jumper by Max Beckman 1935, New York 

Lady in Mauve by Lyonel Feininger 1922, New York 

The Dream by Franz Marc 1912

With Red Street Walker by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner , 1914

Model at Rest by Henri Manguin 1905, Paris

Maria and Annunziata from the Harbour by Christian Schad 1923 

Portuguese Women by Robert Delaunay, 1916 Paris 

Baron and Baroness Thyseen-Bornemisza, 

The Baroness in a very glamorous "Dynasty" pose  

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