Friday, March 16, 2012

Gothic Quarters - Barcelona

The facade of Cathedral de Barcelona  

A unicorn lays watch 

A walkway above Carrer del Bisbe added in 1928

Gargoyles overlooking the labrinth of narrow streets

A cute little dragon head

Placa del Rei, a landmark square in the Gothic Quarters

The Gothic Quarters lies in the heart of Barcelona city and holds the remnants of Barcelona's 2000 years old Roman past.  Rooftop gargoyles, unicorns and dragons lie watch over labyrinths of narrow cobblestone streets lined with palaces, convents and churches. Some significant landmarks of the Gothic Quarters include the majestic Cathedral de Barcelona, Placa dei Rei, the historical archive quarters of  the Regional government of Catalunya and Museum Picasso. It was fun just walking the streets where history comes alive amidst retail shops and cafes.  

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