Tuesday, March 13, 2012

La Boqueria

Just came back from a spring trip to Barcelona. It was cold at times but I had a fair share of the sun, grateful when its rays kept me warm. My first stop was La Boqueria, the most beautiful market I have ever seen. Vendors took pride in their display of produce, from big and luscious strawberries to bountiful and fresh Mediterrean seafood. Iberico ham were hanging from many corners and I have never seen how ham is appreciated like it is here. It seems to be a must in many tapas dishes throughout the city. I love the fact that both tourists and locals shop here, making it an authentic market. A good way to take a peep into the lifestyle of the Barcelonians is to visit their markets where fresh food supplies are sold almost daily ( La Boqueria is closed on Sundays ).

The most colourful display of candies

Olives - a Mediterrean favourite

Cold water fish - sea bream, monk fish, hake, tuna and more
Lobsters, prawns and more seafood

Sea urchins, oysters, clams and more

Huge pieces of Iberico ham, a Spanish diet must have

Chorizo sausages
Huge luscious strawberries at just 3 Euros per punnet

Vegetables as fresh as it gets 

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