Friday, March 16, 2012

Barcelona food - Can Ramonet

Had a bad dinner at Tapas Tapas the night before with the most salty Paella ever and that made us even more determined to find a good one to make up for the night before. Headed down to the seaport beachfront and with my friend holding his trusted Time-Out recommendation and GPS, we trudged down the road on a cold, blistery evening. It would have been a lovely if not for the sea breeze blowing, making it 2 to 3 notches colder and the sight of our destination Can Ramonet made us heave with relief.

The restaurant had a tampas serving area upfront but we headed to the restaurant behind as we wanted our food portions to be big and hearty for we were really hungry and cold.As the paella took over 20 minutes to prepare, we ordered some entres - snails in a special hot sauce (popularly known as caracoles in Spain ) , tripe and chick peas, Iberico ham croquettes and fisherman's soup. But I must say I was a little disappointed with the choices. The taste was bland and most disappointing for me was the soup. Thank goodness for the seafood paella which at least lived up to my expectations and was worth the wait. The rice and seafood were fragrant with a nice crust below and with just a squeeze of lemon all over, there wasn't much I could complain about.

A display of fresh seafood at the entrance of Can Ramonet

Snails in special "Can Ramonet" sauce

Tripe and chick peas

Iberican ham croquettes

Fisherman's soup

Seafood paella

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