Thursday, March 29, 2012

Can Majo , Barcelona

Tomato bread - we ate many at different restaurants, but this was quite exceptional

Steam, succulent mussels with lemon

Fideua, the Catalan version of paella.

a seafood casserole of prawns, mussels and fish

Grilled razor clams

Cream Catalan with a wafer biscuit that looked and tasted alot like our love letters

Orange custard with chocolate sauce

There are many restaurants specialising in seafood near the beach in Barcelona but thanks to my gourmet friend who insisted only on recommended places, we made our way to Can Majo. It was our second choice as our original first choice was closed ( two days in a row ) which made us a little upset initially. How Singaporean is that when it comes to food ! Maybe it was the cold we had to endure walking from one end of the beach to the another. We were fortunate to have a very warm and personable waitress who made us feel a lot better after the cold blistery wind outside.

Decided on the fideua, a noodle version of paella which turned out to be an excellent choice. It had a nice savoury taste with a fragrant crust just like that of a paella but with a different texture. The seafood casserole had a nice rich broth but what I loved were the grilled razor clams and sweet steam mussels which tasted wonderful just with a drizzle of lemon. I will definitely try this back in Singapore though I'm not sure if I could find good quality mussels like these.

The desserts were OK but the seafood was definitely good.

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