Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Degustation menu at Patxi Aizpuru, San Sebastian

Asparagus cake with king prawn cooked in 2 sauces

Green beans on top of mashed potato with fresh foie and truffle oil

Small squid in ink

Hake steak in batter with Donostiarra crab spoon

T-bone from luismi, erudite

Pineapple souffle with vanilla ice cream and sweet rum soup

My trip to Barcelona, San Sebastian and Bilboa has been a gastronomic pilgrimage. I have been exposed to some new taste, some fascinating and some taking time to get used to. As San Sebastian has the reputation of having some of the world's best restaurants, my friends and I had to try a degustation menu. After walking around in the cold for quite a bit, we settled down at Patxi Aizpuru which we thought had a reasonably priced degustation menu. The food came in small quantities as expected. I love the combination of fresh foie and truffle oil which gave a fragrant sensation to the palate and the squid in black ink was fresh and succulent. So far, none of the Mediterrean seafood that we have tasted so far, such as prawns and squid disappointed as they were fresh and best of all , not overcooked. The asparagus cake took some getting used to for me as the texture was a little too spongy and tasted a little too bland like soft toufu. The crabspoon was too salty for my liking but the pineapple souffle was light and refreshing. However, it looked more meringue to me than a souffle and had a nice, sour pineapple taste which combined well with the rum syrup.

Overall, the food is quite good. Different from my favourite chuleta (T bone steak ) with sea salt in Astigarraga which was rustic and full bodied. But variety in tastes makes life wonderful !

Patxi Aizpuru Restaurant
20003 Donostia - San Sebastian
c.31 de agosto, 17

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