Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Barcentral at La Boqueria

The chefs at Barcentral at La Bouqeria

Fresh seafood platter consisting of grilled cod, mussels, clams and prawns

Grilled squid with olive oil, lemon and praprika

Padron peppers
First lunch in Barcelona at Barcentral La Boquerie, a little stall teeming with customers around its bar stand. The smell of grilled seafood was too inviting for us to miss out on the opportunity to grab a bite. It didn't matter that we had to wait for seats patiently. Good food deserves the effort. My friends and I ordered by pointing to pictures as well as what others around us were having. Strangely, a group of young Japanese men were doing the same to us by pointing to what we had ordered.  It didn't matter that the people in Barcelona spoke very little English as both Japanese and Singaporeans had good gut feel and we could definitely find our way with food. With Mediterrean seafood this fresh, very little cooking was involved. A nice grill, seasoning with fresh herbs, olive oil, lemon and a dash of spice was all that was needed. Yummy !

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