Friday, March 23, 2012

St Telmo Museum, San Sebastian

St Telmo Museum at San Sebastian

All the works above are that of Antonio Ortiz Echague
Gaadalajara 1883-Buenos Aires 1927
Sert Murals 1929 depicting Basque Society

Made an unexpected visit to the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastian, Donostia. We were trying to take shelter from the rain and there it was, a unique building with a perforated recycled aluminium facade. It even has moss and lichen growing freely from it. The San Telmo Museum was originally a convent but has been modernised to blend in with its history and the surrounding environment of Mount Urgull .

It happened to be a Tuesday, a day of free museum entry ! Couldn't believe how lucky my friends and I were ! Was amazed at some of the art pieces in the gallery especially the collection of the works by Antonio Ortiz Echague who drew with incredible life likeness.

There was also a chapel at a special section which I almost missed, holding the murals of the Catalan artist Josep Maria Sert. Some of his murals can be seem at the Waldoff Astoria and the Rockefeller Centre, New York . Joseph Maria Sert's murals in St Telmo consist of massive pieces depicting Basque legend, culture and the region's sea faring life. It was quite a spectacle that filled up a huge room.

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