Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pottery Kebab - Cappadocia cruisine

Pottery kebab is specialty of Cappadocia. The meat is cooked in a terracotta claypot for a few hours and served straight up at the table. Then comes the moment .....off with its head ! With one deft move of the knife, the waiter decapitates the top of the claypot to reveal a steaming rich meat stew, usually lamb or beef . This stew is then poured into a bowl while the terracotta pot is discarded. 

In Cappadocia, we actually had the dish twice over 2 dinners. The first was at Cappadocian Cuisine while the second was a special home cooked version at our cosy Safran Cave Hotel. Though it was the same dish, both tasted quite different. The first had a rich tomato base while the home cooked version had a rich meaty taste and fragrance. I personally preferred the latter as the taste of the stew was not overpowered by the tomato. 

With one deft move comes the decapitation of the pot ! 

Pottery kebab at Cappadocian Cuisine 

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