Monday, March 18, 2013

Ephesus - City of the Gods

The greatest Roman ruins are not found in Italy but in Ephesus which lies within the borders of Selcuk County in the Province of Izmir. It is one of the most famous cities of antiquity and among the best preserved ancient sites in the world. Once the most important Greco-Roman city of the Eastern Mediterranean, it now has a spectacular landscape of ruined temples, a lofty library, theatres and the most beautiful marbled pavements.  

A civilisation of cats among the ruins 

The public latrine which served citizens as well as visitors

The houses of the wealthy were established on terraces on the slopes of  Mount Bulbul

The marble porticos of the Arcadian Way, the ancient world's Rodeo Drive with shops laden with goods from the Mediterranean world.
The Fountain of Domitianus (left) and the building of Polio (right)


The library of Celsus once had a reading room stocked with more than 12,000 scrolls

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