Monday, March 18, 2013

From Izmir to Selcuk

Selcuk is the town nearest to the archaeological ruins of Ephesus and to get there from Izmir, we had to take the train.

Selcuk had a slower pace and an authentic Turkish feel compared to the city and it was nice to see elderly Turks enjoying a game which had Scrabble looking tiles with numbers. What made Selcuk even more quaint was the wildlife among the ruins. Storks were making their nest right on top of the highest aqueducts (ancient structures built to transport water), oblivious to the people around and in the folds of some plush carpets was a beautiful cat, giving me a queenly stare with her blue eyes.  I've come face to face with the Turkish evil eye .

Taking a train from Izmir to Selcuk, a town nearest the ancient city of Ephesus

A cup of Turkish tea at the cafe near the Selcuk railway station

Friendly Turks 

Perched on a lofty top

Giving the evil eye 

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